Tarot Services Availiable

Tarot and Oracle readings are an empowering tool. They provide a person with insight and knowledge into a situation. By having the insight a reading provides, the person receiving the reading is given the opportunity to contemplate how to best react to a situation.

Blake is pleased to offer insight and guidance with his experience and talent using the tools of the tarot and oracles. Card reading services are offered on a basis of minimum donation. The reason for the minimum donation is due to people taking advantage of this service in the past.

For quick advice and insight into a situation a brief “snapshot” three card tarot reading is offered. This type of reading is wonderful for 'checking in' for insight on an issue you may simply be looking for either caution or confirmation on. A nice online reading option. The donation for this reading is $25.00.

For general overview readings, or more imminent inquiries requiring a deeper level of examination, the ten card Celtic Cross style tarot reading is recommended. The Celtic Cross is also recommended for first time readings. The donation for this reading is $40.00. While I read with numerous different decks, majority of client readings are done with the Universal Waite deck unless otherwise discussed.

For a slightly different flavor of guidance I also offer a three card oracle card reading via email. Oracle cards tend to offer a different type of guidance than the tarot that makes them very useful for questions that are very narrow in scope. I read with a number of decks and the selection of which to use for your reading will be based upon which might best fit the context of your specific question. The donation for this reading is $25.00.

In person tarot readings can be scheduled in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina area. Otherwise, readings are available online via email or phone. To inquire about a reading either in person or via email/phone, visit the Contact page via the menu button at left.

Disclaimer: Readings fall under spiritual counsel. They contain suggestions given for spiritual growth and knowledge based on my interpretations of the cards. While I take my role as a guide quite seriously, readings are never a replacement for professional financhial, legal, or medical advice. A tarot reading provides a snap shot of a situation as it stands in the current moment and we are all blessed with free will to make our own decisions. A final note, some states require me to state that tarot and other readings are for entertainment purposes only and that only those who are 18 years of age or older may utilize these services.

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